For me, nothing is ever as thoughtful as the silent concentration of drawing. But sometimes I make things for the sheer purposeless pleasure of making. This collection of fragments is just that. Although my primary focus is on drawing, I occasionally make paintings as well as other strange things such as moon eggs and a rose petal encyclopaedia. In these works I never know how the whole thing will unravel as the making requires a kind of playfulness so the content doesn’t seem to overwhelm. Whereas I feel the sense of language more in drawing where each particle of graphite and how it is disposed on the paper is charged.

When I paint, a space of composition opens up that allows me a freedom from the analysis of drawing and a release into the moment. I’ve never tried to be a painter so when I make paintings I am still a child sitting at a kitchen table with a new set of birthday paints. And although I write, I’d hesitate to call myself any kind of writer. Writing, painting, making: these are ways of looking at things.